Internships - 2019/2020

We are currently seeking students interested in the Divine Capital Internship Program.

Investment Banking
The primary focus will be development and analysis of existing coverage universe, with a secondary focus on quantitative equity screen evaluation. Graduate and Undergraduate students alike will gain hands-on experience in the development of current projects, with an educational background as to how these methods bridge the gap between traditional economics, fundamental and technical analysis.

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Internship Testimonials


"Interning at Divine was an amazing experience for me. As a student, testing the waters in the field in which I may wish to work by interning was a great way to help decide what’s to come. It gave me a glimpse of what life would be like for me in the field of business. Interning in the city also taught me real world responsibility and efficiency. Interning at Divine was a once in a life time learning opportunity and I am beyond grateful to have been given the position of an intern. Divine gave me skills that I will use in the future, once in a life time opportunities and most importantly, they taught me how to network and embrace what is around you. I am excited to use these skills to further my career. Thank you for the experience!"

- Gianna Dorsi, Belmont University, May 2018

"Working at Divine this summer was such an amazing learning experience. I was able to do high-touch work, while gaining an invaluable introductory experience to investment banking. I was very grateful to have had the opportunity to create real-life company valuations for clients, as well as conducting research on virtual reality companies, which I found to be very interesting. I also very much enjoyed the positive and friendly atmosphere at Divine. Everyone is incredibly kind and enjoyable to be around, which made coming to work every day a pleasure. I was also very lucky to have worked with other motivated, bright, and knowledgeable interns, who I learned a lot from as well. My summer at Divine opened my eyes to the intriguing world of finance and deepened my understanding of investment banking."

- Dana Sadovnic, University of Pennsylvania Class of 2018

"My experience at Divine was a truly incredible learning experience that has inspired me to pursue a career in investment banking. This internship has shown me the complexities behind investment banking, and the immense skill and technique required to effectively complete tasks. These factors were not what stuck with me the most, though. It was the incredible team, continuous support, and encouraging mentoring that made this a truly unique experience. Divine has proven it is possible to achieve the highest level of investment banking proficiency, while doing so within an amicable and compassionate environment - a model that certainly stands out within the banking industry. I cannot thank the Divine team enough, especially Steve, Dani, and Val, for giving me this opportunity and devoting so much time to the interns." 

- Gioanna Marcropulos, University of Pennsylvania Class of 2018

"Working at Divine was an overall amazing experience. The entire team was always friendly and helpful, making for a very comfortable work environment. While at Divine I worked closely with the investment banking team and from my first day Dani had me work on live deals where I was able to contribute hands on. As an intern I was heavily involved in valuations and even met with multiple clients! I cannot thank Dani and the team enough for giving me this opportunity. Divine provides an excellent opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of trading, research, and investment banking. Anyone lucky enough to have an internship at Divine should capitalize on this great opportunity."

- Matthew Horner, University of Delaware, Class of 2016

"Working at Divine was an overall amazing experience.

Divine has a very friendly atmosphere at the office and the team puts a lot of energy into making their interns feel comfortable. At Divine I worked closely with Valerie a new marketing campaign. I had a lot of space to pitch in my own ideas and opinions. I was heavily involved in the planning of the marketing and social media efforts. I cannot thank Valerie, Dani and the team enough for giving me this opportunity. Divine provides an excellent opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of Social Media Marketing and Personal Finance."

 - Johanna Bjornback, SUNY New Paltz, 2015

"The team at Divine ensures that their summer internship program is educational, challenging and incredibly enjoyable. The professionals in all areas of the business from wealth management, trading, research, business development and investment banking are genuinely interested in taking the time to share their expertise. My gratification with the internship was a function of both, the interesting work I was able to produce and the amazing team to guide me. The assigned tasks reflect the desire of Divine employees to teach all aspects of their business in a structured manner. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone who would like to advance their business skills and technical knowledge from sociable and highly skilled professionals! It is an amazing hands on and interactive experience perfect to further an interest in finance and investment banking."

- Amira Hamdon, University of Alberta 2015

"My experience at Divine allowed me to gain great exposure to the many aspects of investment banking. During my internship, I was able to work closely with several members of the Divine team on a variety of projects that helped me explore my interests within finance. I was given a great deal of independence in approaching projects from different angles which enhanced the learning experience. As Divine Capital has trading, research and banking teams, I was able to see all facets of the business and learn about how Divine creates value and serves its clients. While I was working and learning during my internship, I also had a great time with the smart, easy-going team of Divine professionals. I highly recommend the Divine internship to any student looking to explore their interests and learn a great deal about investment banking."  

- Zach Sarnoff, UNC-Chapel Hill Class of 2013

“The summer internship program at Divine Capital Markets is the best-kept secret on Wall Street. From the moment I stepped into the art deco inspired office I was plunged head first into their investment banking division. Due to the fact that there are a finite number of employees at Divine, they value and respect your time, and cannot afford to give you “busy work”. All projects assigned are either linked to the progression of closing a major deal, or completing a logistical/organizational tool paramount to Divines efficiency and success. In only 2 months the interns worked on valuations of private companies looking to raise capital, building financial models in order to detect bankruptcy and rate of return, constructing data bases, writing teasers, doing research and due diligence via Bloomberg terminal, and even had time to grab a cup of coffee or two. But at the end of the day what makes the summer internship at Divine so incredibly special are the people you get to work with. The CEO Danielle Hughes has truly assembled an incredibly talented group of professionals. They are informative, patient, and willing to answer any questions you may have. I was lucky enough to work with two brilliant interns who really elevated my level of understanding finance.”

- Michael Serrur, SUNY New Paltz 2013