Divine Capital Markets provides agency only execution for our clients, and we do not take proprietary trading positions. This keeps our interests aligned with those of our clients, minimizing conflicts while maximizing execution quality.  We strive to reduce costs and we select executing market centers or counterparties who consistently meet or exceed certain benchmarks for quality.  We act only in the best interests of our clients; seeking liquidity through our electronic network and relationships, maintaining anonymity when directed and focusing on achieving best execution.

At Divine Capital, best execution is a combination of the following factors including:

  1. opportunity for achieving best price,
  2. speed of execution,
  3. liquidity, and
  4. market impact.

Global Market Access


Undeniably, all of our clients are interested in reducing cost and increasing quality of execution, and as their advocate we take this task to heart.  Our trading desk is staffed with experienced (average of 20 years) traders that have backgrounds in market making, proprietary and floor trading operations.  Our order management system enables us to execute a variety of orders.  We utilize FIX-compliant, direct access order routing technologies that link to all major stock exchange liquidity centers, ECN platforms, floor brokers and market makers. We support a full suite of algorithmic applications (APIs).

Divine Capital's derivative desk provides experts dedicated to sophisticated strategies and execution with efficient direct access order routing technologies that link to all major option exchanges.  Our clients benefit from our strong relationships with significant liquidity providers and layoff accounts, enabling us to execute any size option order and deliver superior pricing.